Writing Zenlike Python

Write beautiful, Pythonic code with insights from the legendary Zen of Python

Jason McDonald

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There's a profound gap between working code and Pythonic code. To the developer whose first language is NOT Python, the distinction can appear blurry, even arbitrary. What is this "one obvious way" all those Python nerds are going on about?

Most of us are familiar with the "Zen of Python", Tim Peters's legendary, if tongue-in-cheek, set of guiding principles for the Python language. But can they actually inform Pythonic code?

In this talk, Jason C. McDonald will unpack how the twenty principles (including the unwritten rule) of the Zen can guide you to write beautiful, maintainable code, by treating Python AS Python!

This talk is intended primarily for developers who have come to Python from another language, no matter their experience level. McDonald will shed light on how to work WITH Python's type system, statements, and iterative tools, rather than against them. You'll walk away with a new appreciation of the language, and an understanding of what Pythonic really means; an understanding which will empower you to find the One Obvious Way to solve any problem in Python.

Type: Talk (45 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Jason McDonald

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Jason C. McDonald is a programmer and author with a passion for communication and education. He mentors young developers, especially through his company's internship program, and has written many articles on a variety of computer science topics ranging from the technical to the interpersonal. He's the author of the forthcoming No Starch Press book, "Dead Simple Python," based on his popular article series of the same name. He draws from his journey recovering from a traumatic brain injury to help people achieve their full potential. In addition to his programming career, Jason is a fiction author and an independent songwriter with a love of absurdist humor and wordplay.