EuroPython 2020 Sprints

Sprint tickets are free this year!
This is a great chance to get to know open source or to promote your open source project.

Sprints will be run on the conference weekend: Saturday & Sunday July 25 & 26 online.

EuroPython 2020 Sprints Listing

As is tradition, sprints are not organized by the conference organizers, but instead run by the attendees who want to put on a sprint. We only provide the virtual rooms and guidance on how to run the sprints.

What is a “Sprint” ?

Most open source software development happens on the web and developers usually communicate online only when working on projects. This usually works out fine, but the lack of live meetings can sometimes be a limiting factor in making good progress.

For this reason, a form of impromptu coding meetups called “sprints” or “hackathons” (outside the Python community, the term “hackathon” is more common) were initiated, where developers interested in a project can get together for a short period of time to make quick progress. Since conferences provide the perfect occasion to meet, sprints are made part of the conference program.

sprint_collection.pngPictures of sprints from EuroPython 2018 and 2019 (in-person events)

EuroPython 2020 Online Sprints

EuroPython has had sprints ever since it started in 2002. This year we will have a sprint weekend, where developers can join to work on interesting things. It is also possible for people interested in a project to join in for the first time at a sprint. The setup and management of the sprints is solely up to the sprint teams running the sprints.

We will have a sprint introduction session on Saturday morning. If you want to join a sprint team, attending this session is a good idea.

Since we're running EuroPython 2020 as an online event, we made attending the sprints free of charge, so you won't need a ticket to join.

Organizing a Sprint

If you are planing to run a sprint at EuroPython 2020, please add an entry to the public wiki page we have for this:

EuroPython 2020 Sprints Listing

You do not need to create an account for this. Simply click Edit (GUI) or Edit (Text) to add an entry.

Remember to announce it on the social channels too!

Note: If you want to add a per-sprint page, you will need editing permission to the wiki. Please see the wiki front page for instructions (near the bottom of the page) on how to get those permissions. You don't need these permissions for adding a sprint.

Many thanks !