Tips for Attendees

We are collecting a number of attendee tips and reminders on this page.

Please update your profile

In order to print badges and streamline the process of handing them out at the conference, we need your name for the ticket.

Please make sure you have entered all the necessary details on your profile page. This will save us a lot of work and you a lot of long queues.

Attendee wiki

We have set up a wiki page for attendees to self-organize and give other attendees helpful tips:

The wiki page is hosted on the wiki. If you want to edit the page, please see the front page for instructions (near the bottom of the page).

Planning and advertising sprints

If you are planning on running a sprint, you can enter the details on the sprints wiki page:

The editing process is the same as for the main EuroPython 2020 wiki page (see above).

More details on the EuroPython 2020 sprints are available on the sprints page.

Speaker preparations

If you are a speaker, please read the tips for speakers, which includes a nice guide written by Harry Percival as well as more technical information for speakers: