Tips for Speakers

We've collected a number of useful hints and tips for speakers on this page.


  • Use the speaker coupon sent to you to register for a ticket: July 5.

    Note: If you do not register by July 5 and do not reply to our emails, we may have to remove your talk from the schedule.

  • Participate in a rehearsal session: July 19

    Please see the speaker guide for how to sign up to a rehearsal session.

  • (For poster sessions) Send in your poster as PDF: July 21

    If you are presenting a poster, please use our slide upload feature to upload the poster as a PDF file. Note that we cannot accept other formats for posters, since these will go on a special posters page.

  • Send in your slides as PDF as a backup: July 21

  • (Optional) Send in a pre-recorded video as a backup: July 21

Speaker Guide

Since we're running a new online format, we have prepared a comprehensive speaker guide for the EuroPython 2020 conference to provide help with setting everything up and making the online conference an enjoyable experience for our speakers and attendees.

The guide has all the details on rehearsal sessions, Zoom and Discord setup as well as many suggestions for avoiding common problems when running online conferences.

If you have questions, please ask on the speakers mailing list you have been signed up to or write to

Speaker Cheat Sheet