EuroPython Merchandise Shop

We’re very happy to announce our very own EuroPython merchandise shop:

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EuroPython Merch Shop

Customize your conference t-shirt for EP2020

The shop is run on the Spreadshirt platform and so Spreadshirt will handle all payments, invoicing and shipping.

Since we’re running EuroPython 2020 as an online event, we will not be giving out conference bags or t-shirts this year, as we do for the in-person event. Instead, we give you the opportunity to choose among the many products we have put up in the shop, and order the color and size completely individually.

Any profit this creates will go towards the EuroPython 2021 financial aid budget, so will be put to good use.

Save 15% until July 15

After the initial two week discount period, we have now enabled two additional 5 day periods for 15% Spreadshirt discounts on the prices, meaning that you will be able to benefit from these until July 15, 23:59 UTC.

Create your own merchandise for EP2020

The Spreadshirt shop also allows using our logos on custom products and in custom ways. Simply choose one of the existing designs and click on the pen icon below the product views.

The following video shows how this can be done:

It is also possible to upload your own graphics to add to the product. Be sure to upload the graphics using 200dpi and in sufficient size to fit you use on the product.

Shipping worldwide

Spreadshirt is shipping to a lot of destinations world-wide.

Unfortunately, they don’t support shipping to the US, Australia, Brasil and a few other countries on their European shop system.

Since the US taxation system is too complex for us to handle at the moment, we have not created a corresponding US shop yet. We will look into this later this year.

We're very sorry, if you cannot get your t-shirt before the conference, but we simply don't have enough resources to deal with taxation issues at the moment.