Program / Events

Online Conference Structure

This is the overall structure for the conference from July 23–26:

  • Thursday–Friday, July 23–24: Conference talks, keynotes & posters
  • Saturday & Sunday, July 25 & 26: Sprints

This year, our first online conference will have a more compact schedule. We will not have training days. The two-day main conference will be packed with talks sessions, keynotes, lightning talks and hopefully retain most other contents from the in-person event.

The conference ticket will grant you access to everything we have on offer during the main conference days.

Attending the sprint is for free. But you still need to "purchase" the sprint ticket to gain access.

Please see our registration page for full details.


We have over 60 sessions waiting for you, including:

  • keynotes
  • talks
  • posters
  • interactive sessions
  • panels
  • help desks
  • lightning talks
  • sprints
  • etc.

Please see the session list for full detail.