Online Conference

We need your help!

Given that most of the work already put into EuroPython 2020 will have to be adapted or redone due to the nature of the new event, we are reaching out to our incredible community to make this happen.

We are seeking for people who are motivated to help and have experience using online conference tools. If that sounds like a task for you, please send us an email at We genuinely appreciate your collaboration.

Online Conference

Attending conference days (23rd & 24th July) will require a ticket, but the sprints (25th & 26th July) will be held on open rooms, free of charge. Speakers will not be charged to attend the conference.


Please check our separate tools pages for details and intro videos on the tooling we're going to use for the online event. As attendee, you will only need a Chromium based browser to participate in the event.

  • Chat System as central conference platform, with channels to enable interactivity and links to the conference system rooms. We will use Discord for this.
  • Conference System for audio / video, Q&A, polls, etc. during talks. We will use Zoom and Jitsi for these.

Hallway Track

To enable interaction between attendees, we will have a hallway chat channel, as well as attendee run chats on our Discord server.

Sponsor Exhibit

The sponsor exhibit will be available as a web page on our website. Sponsor "booths" are run by the sponsors using a Zoom room and one or more chat channels each, where they can present themselves, make contact, show demos or even run additional talks, training sessions, etc.

The exhibit will be available to sponsors for all four days.


Presentations will take place in the following formats on the conference days (Thursday, July 23, and Friday, July 24).


Talks will be held in Zoom webinar tracks, with either 30 or 45 minute duration each. Q&A sessions will take place at the final 5 minutes of each meeting. Additionally, we are planning to use separate breakout chat channel where attendees can ask additional questions, similar to what we have at the in-person conference.


Posters will be collected into a gallery page, together with PDF versions of the documents. Poster sessions will then be held in Zoom rooms, so that the speakers can answer questions and present more details of their work using screensharing.

Lighting Talks

Lightning talks will be held in the plenary Zoom webinar track. The proposals will be collected on a Google Form that will be made available in our chat system on the day of the Lightning Talk session, similar to how we run this at the in-person event.

Open Space

We will have one or two open space tracks at the conference, where attendees can schedule their own sessions and then run them in Zoom rooms. We will set up a scheduling sheet on Google Drive to register sessions, which we will make available via a link in our chat system.


Sprints will take place on Saturday, July 25, and Sunday, July 26. They are free to attend, but do require registratoin.

Each team will receive a Jitsi virtual room and a chat channel for collaboration. To submit a proposal, please follow the instructions on the Sprints page.