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Bloomberg is building the world's most trusted information network for financial professionals. Our 6,000+ engineers are dedicated to advancing and building new systems for the Bloomberg Terminal to solve complex, real-world problems. ​We trust our teams to choose the right technologies for the job, and, at Bloomberg, the answer is often Python. We employ an active community of more than 2,000 Python developers who have their hands in everything from financial analytics and data science to contributing to open source technologies like Project Jupyter. We also sponsor and host many events for the Python community.

We have 3 roles on offer and we look forward to your application!

Senior Software Engineer - Portfolio Analytics

Senior Python Engineer - Data Technologies

Senior Software Engineer (Python) - Trade Ideas and Research Analytics


Optiver is a leading electronic trading firm, headquartered in Amsterdam. We provide liquidity, using our own capital, at our own risk, trading in tens of thousands of financial instruments on more than 50 exchanges around the world.

Engineering is at the core of our trading strategies. We build and maintain low latency trading systems that respond to market events in nanoseconds. Crucial to our success is the precision, reliability and speed of our systems.

If you are engineer motivated to work with (and build) complex distributed systems at scale, we encourage you to apply!

Production Engineer

Our Production Engineering team manages a fleet of 1500 servers on 15 co-locations around the world to guarantee our proprietary-built low latency applications are running with the highest possible performance and reliability.

Your challenge will be tackle the life cycle of a server and build and deploy new solutions as well as upgrade, maintain and execute changes to the UNIX servers. You will work on performance monitoring and managing the system capacity. You will fix and analyse technical incidents, solve technical ad hoc problems as well as lead our charge to intelligent automation. Your role will be to connect hardware and software, research new technologies and solutions and implement them.

Data Engineer

We are seeking a senior level Data Engineer to join our Data Engineering team. Data is the lifeblood of Optiver's trading business and the Data Engineering team ensure all areas of the trading business have timely, accurate and complete trading data sets to drive their activities. A successful candidate will become both steward and champion for the firm's trading data archives and the systems which capture, transform and load trading data into those archives. A strategic thinker with a passion for solving difficult problems will find ample opportunities to exercise those traits in this role.

Application Engineer

As Application Engineer, you deploy, monitor, and configure a suite of proprietary trading applications. You sit on the trading floor and work closely with Traders, Researchers and fellow Engineers to identify and troubleshoot issues that arise. Here, no two days are the same. You know the ins and outs of the existing systems and constantly question the status quo. You collaborate with software development teams to ensure the health and stability of the production trading environment. You develop tools to make daily activities more efficient and consistent. With a facilitating and enabling attitude as well as hands-on mentality, you always strive for the simplest solutions. 

Read more about a day in the life of one of our Application Engineers in this blog post.


Vonage is the emerging leader in the $100B+ cloud communications platform (CPaaS) market. Customers like Airbnb, Viber, TikTok, Snapchat, and many others depend on our APIs and SDKs to connect with their customers all over the world. As businesses continue to shift to a real-time, customer-centric communications model, we are experiencing a time of impressive growth. At Vonage, we believe we’ve just scratched the surface of enabling developers to embed communications into any apps or devices using APIs. If you’re interested in our openings stop by our booth to chat with us!

APAC Developer Advocate

As a Developer Advocate at Vonage your main responsibilities will be to build relationships and support technology communities through learning, creating, sharing, and helping others. You will be the interface between developer communities and the Vonage API product teams to ensure that Vonage continues to build innovative products that provide a great developer experience. You will empower local and international developer communities, demonstrate the benefits of communications functionality and inspire others to innovate with them.

More info:

Global Head of Platform & Developer Experience

This is an opportunity to support, empower, grow and scale a highly respected global, distributed and diverse Platform & Developer Experience team consisting of product managers, technical writers and developer advocates through the continuous transformation and rapid growth of Vonage. In addition to providing exciting work, career advancement opportunities and a collaborative work environment, Vonage provides competitive pay and benefits including unlimited discretionary time off and equity participation.

More info:

Senior Product Manager - Infrastructure

Vonage is looking for someone with hands-on experience building, scaling high available, global infrastructures to pivot to deliver best in class solutions for Vonage’s platform. This position would suit a previous Architect or Senior Software Developer looking to take the next step up into a Product Management role.

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Numberly uses technology for marketing: we help our clients to better understand their customers by implementing systems to collect, analyse and use data. To do so, we are more than 150 engineers (a third of Numberly's talents) working into autonomous teams. We ensure that everyone can develop a positive influence, be proactive and challenge our technical and organisational choices.

Here are the 3 job offers we offer you:

Software Engineer

• Thorough knowledge in a front-end or back-end stack
• Join multiple product teams
• Use exciting technologies (Python, Vue.js, Kafka, Kubernetes, ScyllaDB, GraphQL)
• Build great platforms that leverage data
• Work with Infrastructure Engineers and Data Engineers
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Data Engineer

• Join teams dedicated to Big Data and Event-Driven data pipelines
• Participate in the development of our infrastructures using Hadoop, Airflow, ScyllaDB, Kafka
• Interact with Data Scientists and Software Engineers
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Data Scientist

• Work on Applied Mathematics and Machine Learning projects
• Optimize our Digital Marketing campaigns
• Create and develop optimization algorithms
• Realize complex Big Data studies
• Leverage the rich data we collect such as behavioral, demographic, purchasing data
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