Sponsor Options

In addition to our Regular Sponsorship Packages, we offer these options as extras or stand-alone sponsor options.

Special Events Sponsoring / Additional Options

Option Price Notes
Sponsored talk on conference days (incldes 1 conference pass) €3,500.00  

Sponsored training on workshop days (includes 1 training pass, on training days)

Table in recruiting session (no passes) €3,000.00  
Sponsored business poster (no passes) €500.00  
Mobile guide sponsor €5,000.00  
Social event / party sponsor €8,000.00  
Financial aid sponsor €5,000.00 minimum; full amount goes to finaid budget
Sprints/Openspace/Barcamp sponsor €2,000.00  
Live subtitle sponsor please ask  
Networking event sponsor please ask  
Coffee break sponsor €3,000.00 per day
Sprints coffee break sponsors €2,000.00 per day
Room sponsor (~300 seats) €2,000.00 per room
Room sponsor (~200 seats) €1,000.00 per room
Lanyard sponsor €1,000.00 + price of lanyards
Bag sponsor €1,000.00 + price of bags
Water sponsor €1,000.00 + price of bottles
Coffee stall (if available)  €1,000.00 + coffee price + handlng
Ice cream stall (if available) €2,000.00 + ice cream price + handling
Football table (if available)  €3,000.00 (including football table)

All prices are without applicable VAT. If you have any questions, please contact us for details.