Live-coding a music synthesizer

Ram Rachum

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This is going to be a fun live-coding session using `numpy` and `sounddevice`. The goal of this talk is to make the computer produce realistic-sounding instrument sounds, using nothing but Python and math.

All the code will be written live and we'll hear the audio that it produces.

We’ll start with creating a simple sound using a sine wave. We’ll gradually make it sound more like a real instrument, learning a little
bit about music theory on the way. We’ll add features one-by-one until by the end of the talk, we’ll hear our synthesizer play a piece
of classical music.

Type: Talk (45 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Beginner

Ram Rachum

Ram Rachum is a software developer specializing in Python.

When he's not writing his biography in the third person, Ram is doing Python infrastructure work for clients, giving Python training to teams that would like to deepen their Python skills, and organizing the bi-monthly PyWeb-IL conference.

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Update: I've recently left my job in Tel-Aviv, and I'm looking to relocate and find my next home! If you're hiring top-notch Python experts in Europe, especially in Germany, please contact me.

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