Staying for the Community: Building Community in the face of Covid-19


Naomi Ceder

Community Conferences and Meet-Ups

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Python communities around the world, large and small are facing loss - from the loss of in person meetups and conferences to the loss of employment and even the potential loss of health and life. As communities we are all confronting uncertainty and unanswered questions. In this talk I would like to reflect on some of those questions. What are communities doing now to preserve a sense of community in the face of this crisis? What might we do and what options will we have for coming events? How can we build and foster community and still keep everyone safe? What challenges might we all face in the future? What sources of support can we find? What are our sources of optimism and hope?

Type: Talk (45 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Naomi Ceder

Python Software Foundation

Naomi Ceder is the outgoing chair of the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors. She is also author of the Quick Python Book, 3rd Ed, and has taught Python to diverse audiences for many years. She has helped organize PyCon North America and PyCon UK, originating the poster sessions, Education summit, Intro to Sprinting Workshop, and Las PyCon Charlas. Naomi is also the Open Source Development Manager for Dick Blick Art Supplies.