Simulation of logistic systems in Python with salabim

Salabim can help to model complex logistic systems, like warehouses, ports, supply chains, hospitals

Ruud van der Ham

Algorithms Engineering Robotics Use Case Visualization

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Discrete event simulation is a very powerful technique in many fields, like transport, warehousing, hospitals, manufacturing and logistics.
There are several commercial packages that provide high end GUIs to design a system and to animate the operations. These packages are neary always close source and are very expensive (think USD 10-20 K per user). Often implementing complex algorithms is cumbersome.
On the other end of the spectrum are open source packages that use existing program languages. Python is particularly interesting because of the vast number of (scientific) packages, like machine learning, statistics and databases.
In te Python landscape there is SimPy, that is rather limited in functionality. In this poster I will present my discrete even simulation package called salabim. Salabim uses coroutines via generators and makes it very easy to model complex systems. The package offers advanced real time (2D) animation, monitoring and statistical sampling.
I will show some applications and how a simple model is built up.

Ruud van der Ham, core developer salabim

Type: Poster session (45 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Beginner

Ruud van der Ham

I am a semi-retired logistics expert. I have a long history of simulation engineering, particularly in the field of container terminal (robotization). Nowadays I am still an independent simulation and IT consultant.
Besides that, I have always been a software developer, being one of the pioneers of Prestel emulators, a kind of predecessor of browsers. I have programmed in all kind of languages ranging from Algol to Z80 assembler. Python is my favourite language for a couple of years.
I am the core developer of an open-source discrete event simulation package, called salabim, which is used for all kind of application, ranging from warehouses, supply chains, ports, hospital logistics and network optimisation to material handling. Real-time animation is one of the strong points of this pure Python package.