Growing a Python Community at an Enterprise Scale

Mario Corchero, Marianna Polatoglou


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The talk will showcase how the Python community started and took off in Bloomberg, and how it can serve as a model that can be used within other companies as well. This includes details on how Bloomberg's Python community got started and grew to the place that it is today, as well as tips from its leaders personal experiences.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Mario Corchero

Bloomberg LP

Mario Corchero is a Senior Software Developer at Bloomberg. He leads the Python infrastructure team in London, enabling the company to work effectively in Python, building company-wide libraries and tools. His professional experience is mainly in Python and C++, and he has contributed some patches to multiple Python open source projects.
He is a PSF Fellow, received the Q3 2018 PSF Community Award, is vice president of the Python EspaƱa (the Python Spain association) and has served as Chair of PyLondinium, PyConES17, and PyCon Charlas at Pycon 2018. Mario is passionate about the Python community, Open Source, and Inner Source.

Marianna Polatoglou

Bloomberg LP

Marianna Polatoglou is a Senior Software Developer in Bloomberg L.P. in the Mobile team. She is also a Python enthusiast which led her to be involved with the Python Guild in the organisation and she now co-chairs with her counterpart chair in the USA. A Guild is a cross-team initiative within Bloomberg Engineering that contributes to a technical domain via internal meetups, conference engagement, best practices and overall technical direction.