Developing GraphQL API in Django using Graphene

Build GraphQL schema, queries, and mutations in Django using graphene library

Nisarg Shah

APIs Databases Django PostgreSQL Python 3

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GraphQL technology has become popular nowadays. While developing REST APIs, there are many things that developers need to take into consideration. There are multiple endpoints and over-fetching is the main problem of REST. GraphQL offers a unique approach and architecture for developing APIs. How is that efficient?

While using GraphQL, a client can request the data which is needed. It is an alternative for building APIs in place of REST. It’s a query language that can work as a medium between the frontend and backend.

The journey to develop GraphQL APIs in python needs some requirements and knowledge. We will be building APIs in the Django framework using a graphene library which includes many features of GraphQL such as ObjectTypes, Queries, Mutations, etc. We will start by understanding these concepts followed by some code. This includes detailed information about the Query class, what are resolvers, and where to write business logic, how pagination can be incorporated with queries would be included. Also, it will include the information about the Mutation class, arguments needed for mutation, and what type of response can be returned on successful operations.

Learning outcomes would be the understanding of code and building GraphQL APIs using graphene in a proper and structured way.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Nisarg Shah

Ahmedabad University

I am currently pursuing my B.Tech Degree in field of Information and Communication Technology. I am passionate about technology and building solutions for real life problems. Also I am interested in problem solving and building softwares which can be used by users. I have worked with multiple startups as a backend developer and have also built few amazing systems using algorithms. I always hunt and look around for the innovative project to work on and challenge my technical skills to learn more.

I am currently Software Developer at Tweetozy ( and Co-Creator of CoursesAround ( I have contributed to a few Open Source projects and currently building some open source projects too. I do not restrict myself by any coding language, rather focus more on the approach of solving the problem. I would be happy to connect with like minded guys and discuss some ideas which can be developed and can be beneficial to society.

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