Python Memory Management 101

Deeping in Garbage collector

J.M. Ortega

Best Practice Development Management Python Skills

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I will review the main mechanims for memory allocation and how the garbage collector works in conjunction with the memory manager for reference counting of the python objects.Finally, I will comment the best practices for memory managment such as writing efficient code.

These could be the main talking points:
-Introduccition to memory management
-Garbage collector and reference counting with python
-Review the gc module for configuring the python garbage collector
-Best practices for memory managment

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

J.M. Ortega


José Manuel Ortega is a Software Engineer and he focuses on new technologies, open source, security and testing. His career target from the beginning has been to specialize in Python and security testing projects. In recent years he has developed interest in security development, especially in pentesting with python. Currently he is working as a security tester engineer and his functions in the project are analysis and testing the security of applications both web and mobile environments. He has taught at university level and collaborated with the official school of computer engineers. He has also been a speaker at various conferences.He is very enthusiastic to learn about new technologies and he loves to share his knowledge with community.
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