Decade of PyCon JP: How we spread the Python community in Japan

Takanori Suzuki


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- Overview
- The history of PyCon JP has been 10 years since 2010
- The conference itself has started up → expanded in scale → stabilized
- At the same time, we are working on spreading Python throughout Japan.
- And what to do in the future
- History of PyCon JP
- The origin of PyCon JP was PyCon APAC 2010 in Singapore
- We have been holding PyCon JP every year since 2011
- Our first PyCon was PyCon mini JP in 2011
- We invited PyCon APAC from Singapore in 2013
- Participants are increasing steadily
- There is English tracks and Japanese talks
- 2013: Association
- Purpose: We have established a legal entity to make it easier to manage money and contracts for PyCon JP event
- I have been a director since 2013
- 2014-1016: Chair od PyCon JP event
- I was the chair of PyCon JP event from 2014 to 2016
- Purpose: Open management
- I opened every staff meeting to make it easier for new staff to join
- We created an operation manual and made it reusable
- We regularly publish our activities on the blog to get interested in event management
- 2015-: PyCon mini
- Small PyCons in the region were held in Sapporo and Hiroshima in 2015
- It has been held in various places such as Kumamoto and Osaka
- PyCon Kyushu is held all over Kyushu(Fukuoka -> Okinawa -> Kumamoto)
- We have been sharing operating know-how and supporting money and people
- We have also provided a subdomain of
- 2016-: Python Boot Camp
- Objective: We visit all over Japan to teach Python → We connect with local people → We hope local communities to start up
- We teach an introduction to Python programming in half a day
- We hold 40 times in 3.5 years with 950 local participants
- We hold in cooperation with local staff and local teachig assistants
- Result: Some local communities have been created
- PyCon JP has more people coming from local area
- 2019: Python Boot Camp Caravan, Regional Meetup
- Purpose: To strengthen the connection between local communities
- A regional meetup was held at PyCon JP 2019 with local community members
- About 30 people gathered from all over Japan for this event
- We had various discussions and shared ideas and worries
- We hold local meetups online
- We hold the first online meeting using Zoom, with 15 participants from all over Japan
- Future
- We want to hold PyCon JP outside of Tokyo
- We want to conquer all prefectures at Python Boot Camp
- We want PyCon mini to be held all over Japan
- Summary
- We have spread Python throughout Japan with various activities
- I think it's important to meet
- First we go to meet local people
- Reunion strengthens relationship

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Takanori Suzuki

PyCon JP Association

Takanori is a Vice Chairperson of PyCon JP Association. He is also a director of BeProud Inc.(, and his title is "Python Climber". He held PyCon JP 2014 to 2016 as the Chairperson. Currently he teaches Python to beginners as a lecturer at Python Boot Camp( all over Japan. In addition, he published several Python books.
He plays trumpet, climbs boulder, loves Lego, ferrets and beer.