Speak Python with Devices

Control hardware devices with ioctl system call from Python

Petertc Chu

CPython Hardware/IoT Other Hardware Unix python

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The talk will be a getting start guide on controlling hardware devices with Python. We know Python users are very keen on multitasking and always wish to know more about how it can be used in different tasks. This talk will help audiences exploring new Python skillset. Audiences may be inspired by this talk and apply it to many scenarios about automation, testing, and monitoring.

Audiences are expected to have basic knowledge about:
1. Python syntax and control flow
2. Computer and operating system (especially UNIX)

After this talk, audiences will have:
1. The basic idea of controlling devices with Python
2. Expanding their Python skillset. Know how to use Python in another interesting and useful task besides ML, web scrapping, etc.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Petertc Chu

A research engineer worked on backend/SRE/DevOps, experienced in implementing and maintaining distributed/software-defined storage service at scale. PSF contributing member.