Integration between ArcGIS Server (Rest API) and Django

A simple way to integrate, populate database and display data.

Vinicius Cruvinel Rego

Django Django Projects JavaScript PostgreSQL python

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The ESRI main software, ArcGIS, has a consolidated name in the market with many tools and also a complete web service platform called ArcGIS Server.

Considerer the dynamic evolution to integrate platforms it become more and more demanded and essential to get informations in real time.

This poster shows the workflow to integrate ArcGIS REST API with Django and also how it works and also some procedures to obtain data, populate the database and visualize them - in a very simple way.

Poster structure:

- Introduction
- Django web framework.
- Creating models in, Populate database and display data from ArcGIS REST API.
- Updated in real time the information using jQuery.
- Examples
- Conclusion

Type: Poster session (45 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Intermediate

Vinicius Cruvinel Rego

Zukk Software

I'm a Bachelor in Civil Engineer (UniCEUB - Brazil), MBA. in Project Management (Ibmec - Brazil) and MSc. in Science and Geographic Information Systems (Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Portugal). I work as a Civil Engineer at Companhia Brasileira de Projetos e Empreendimentos (COBRAPE) most of the time with planning and monitoring, with focus in reports development for monitoring and control the activities from international programs (IDB) using Python and SQL. I'm also a GIS Developer at Zukk Software, and Titular Professor at Centro Universitário Planalto (UNIPLAN) ministering classes from Topography, Roads and Aiports design, Hydraulics and Hidrology.