The joy of deleting code

How to apply YAGNI to practice

Radosław Ganczarek

Architecture Best Practice Clean Code Code Analysis Programming

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They say measuring code quality by its LOC is like measuring aircraft quality by its weight. There's a lot of sense in the metaphor, as we often call inefficient code with words like "heavy" or "bloated".
In my talk I'll tell you about my approach to deleting unneeded code, tools that could help you and how did it turned out in the end in real world projects.
As you probably know, detecting unused code automatically is a hard task and doing it in Python is exceptionally hard because we sometimes call methods with getattr or write classes which are only used in non-python configuration files. Tools give us only a partial success. What you could do beyond them? What approach to take? I'd like to discuss it in detail in my talk.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Beginner

Radosław Ganczarek

PGS Software S.A.

Python developer with ten years of experience in web projects (mostly with Django), big enthusiast of the Python language itself, focusing on developing clean and high quality code.