Running Unit Test on Top of Serverless Service

Increase your parallelization by 50x

Adinata Thayib

Case Study Multi-Processing Public Cloud (AWS/Google/...) Test Libraries (pytest/nose/...) Tooling

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I will share on how to utilize serverless architecture for a less common scenario - unit testing.
As part of the talk, we will also discuss different approaches to parallelizing unit test suite execution.
Attendees will also learns on cost-benefit analysis related to increasing developer productivity.

- Introduction
- Different approaches to parallelizing unit test execution with pro & cons
- What we learned (gotcha) when implementing serverless as a unit test runner
- Cost-Benefit Analysis and usage report,
- Q&A

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Intermediate

Adinata Thayib

Pocket Gems

Originally from Indonesia, Adinata now lives in San Francisco, USA for the last 4 years.
He worked as Software Engineer for startups in Real Estate, Mobile Game, and Fintech.

Adinata worked in Pocket Gems, a mobile game company from 2016 to 2020, developing the backend for War Dragons game, a top-grossing mobile game in iOS and Android. He is also involved in the Data Infrastructure team maintaining the data pipeline for all the company's portfolios.

Pocket Gems uses Python for its backend architecture, data pipeline, and many of its tooling.

Today, Adinata works at Brex, a fintech company that offers credit cards for startups.