Community-oriented conference status during COVID-19

what can we do during/after COVID-19

Noah Chen

Communication Community EuroPython freelancing

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due to COVID-19(Coronavirus disease 2019), we changed our life, social, and our community. most of us are engineer/organizer/designer/contributor with passion to communicate to everyone who has similar background. in COVID-19 disease, we are forced to reduce social event for keeping safe. in case from China/Korea/Malaysia.... we can see the number is decreasing and be controlled after each government announced new policy: Face masked, Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation. it meant we can not go to some place to hangout like usual, of course we have a lot of SMS tools/platform/media to keep relationship with our love, but for community, we easily lost our passion. and now, I want to share some doing/status of communities in Asia or other region I knew during/after COVID-19.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Noah Chen


PyCon Nomad,
Volunteer of FOSSASIA which is a NPO for promoting FOSS and open technologies in Asia,
volunteer of PyConTW/JP/KR/SG/ID/MY/TH/HK.....and each PyConAPAC since 2015.
volunteer of EuroPython 18/19/20.
Managing member of PSF,
my wish is that connect everyone who enjoy Python, and try to promote programming education to young generation or everyone who interested in by teaching basic programming skill using Python and R, like be a mentor of Hour or Code, or Google Summer of Code with FOSSASIA