Welcome to Dublin


This year EuroPython is held at the Convention Center Dublin (CCD). We don't have a split as last year edition in Basel. More info can be found in the Venue Section.

Come to Dublin

If you are travelling by air, you can reach the city via the Dublin International Airport (DUB) or by ferry. More information about getting to Dublin can be found in the Come to Dublin Section.


There are plenty hotels, apartments and hostels in Dublin to choose from. We have created some hotel recommendations with direct links to the hotels in the Accommodation Section.


Ireland is not part of Schengen, but has liberal rules for tourist visits. More information, including how to get an invitation letter can be found in the Visa Section.

Where to eat and drink

Dublin has many restaurants and bars. In the Where to eat and drink Section, we point to a local guide.

Moving around in Dublin

Dublin is not too big. Moving around is easy. In the section Moving around in Dublin you find information about public transport, trains, taxi etc.